A Closer Look at How Addiction Treatment is Accomplished

Drug and Alcohol addiction can take time to develop. It does not happen overnight. The recovery process is the same, It’s a gradual progression.

AddictionCenters.com recognized addiction as a chronic disease. Recovery involves transforming your life to ensure you have the best opportunity to change and heal. Addiction treatment involves creating individualized goals and expectations through a collaborative effort with others who will support you.

Drug and Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

Long term alcohol and drug use can cause tremendous physical and emotional health problems. Before you begin your inpatient rehab program you should undergo a detox period. Once you are stabilized, you can begin the process of healing.

Start your rehab with assessment and evaluations

When you first enter a rehab facility you will meet with a clinician to discuss your physical and mental health. To better gain an understanding of your situation you will be asked about the types of substances that you used, your family history as well as other factors related to the disease of addiction.

Your clinician does this in order to gain a better understanding of all aspects of your health to be able to develop the optimal rehab plan for your individual situation.


Laying the groundwork with the orientation

Addiction rehab is a very structured community. Orientation seeks to get you settled and on the right track from the start. It is meant to lay the groundwork for what is expected from you as well as what your treatment plan will look like.

Addiction Treatment plans typically include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Educational lectures
  • Group therapy
  • Special-focus groups (e.g., trauma, grief, healthy relationships)

As you undergo addiction treatment your treatment staff will work with you to continually monitor your progress and help identify any way to make the recovery process go smoothly. They will work with you to learn more about the underlying reasons for your addiction and how to resolve them. Over time you will not only feel better, but you will learn how to stay better.


Post-Rehab. What comes next?

Your drug and alcohol treatment program does not end the day you leave rehab. After your stay in rehab your plan should include participation in groups and therapy to continue with the progress of your healing.

We’ve learned through experience that the success of your recovery from addiction is directly associated with your follow-through in post rehab groups and meeting. Your personal post-rehab plan could include participation in:

  • Counselor-facilitated support groups
  • AA/NA meetings
  • Recovery coaching