Marijuana rehab and treatment

Pharmacological treatment

Currently, the FDA has not approved any medications for the treatment of marijuana addiction. The research is still active in this area. Because sleep problems feature prominently in marijuana withdrawal, physicians are testing the effectiveness of medications that aid in sleep. Medications that have shown promise in early studies or small clinical trials include zolpidem as sleep medication, an anti-anxiety drug called buspirone, and an anti-epileptic drug called gabapentin. These are drugs that may improve sleep and, possibly, executive function.


Psychotherapeutic treatment

There are three promising psychotherapeutic treatments for cannabis addiction. These treatments include cognitive-behavioral therapy, twelve-step facilitation, and motivational interviewing. The path from marijuana use to marijuana problems varies from person to person; the path away from these problems varies, too.

Some folks quit without formal interventions, some quit through treatment, and some never quit. Many require professional help to decrease their cannabis use. Treatment will usually include any combination of pharmaceutical drugs, books, support organizations, or coaches.Ex-users often report that they quit in an effort to avoid problems. Some mention that family support, a new job, or a sense of accomplishment may have assisted their change.

Many abstinent people report a critical incident that inspired them to quit. A cannabis smoker might stop after saying something embarrassing while high, developing a bad cough, or getting arrested for possession. The events do not have to be particularly dramatic. Some users seek to quit cannabis after developing new hobbies or becoming parents. No clear set of circumstances or incidents leads all people to desire to quit using cannabisSome people find quitting difficult. They may experience problems that are not particularly debilitating, find a level of functioning that suits them, and continue using. The number of these functional, addicted marijuana users remains unknown.

The important thing is to findTreatments specifically designed for difficulties related to marijuana. Entering a rehab program specifically designed for cannabis users will allow the patient to get treatment that meets the need of the addiction.