Do I need Addiction Rehab Treatment?

How do you tell if you or a loved one has an addiction serious enough to warrant treatment? Any addiction, whether it is a substance addiction or a behavioral addiction, will have detrimental consequences on all aspects of your life: love life, friendships, family, and financial success.

Learn to look for the signs to know when your actions show signs of becoming an addiction, and when that addiction is severe enough to seek out treatment.

How much does Rehab cost?

If you are considering rehabilitation (rehab) as a solution to your drug and alcohol addiction, you will need to know the cost of treatment, what treatment options are available at different price levels, and ways of obtaining the funds to pay for your treatment.

Before you begin to think about how much addiction treatment is going to cost, there is always one steep cost that the victim, their family, and the rest of society will have to pay — the cost of not having any drug or alcohol addiction treatment at all.

How do I pay for addiction Rehab?

Finding the funds to pay for your addiction treatment can be a daunting task. Many of the most effective inpatient programs can easily cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are many options available, rather than paying the highest cost of all — that of drug addiction itself.


How to Choose an Addiction Treatment Center?

Once you have decided that you or a loved one are in need of a treatment program to combat an addiction, the next step is to choose an addiction treatment center that is right for you.

Choosing an addiction treatment center can be overwhelming and stressful — there are many factors to consider. Fortunately, you can break down the process into steps and simple questions that will make the selection easier. After all, choosing the addiction center that will best fit your needs and keep you free from relapsing will be the most important investment you make.

Is it safe to Detox alone?

Detoxification (“detox”) is the process of allowing the body to cleanse itself of a drug and dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. Detox itself is not the entire treatment, but it the first and important step in addiction treatment process.

Many people struggling with addiction will attempt to perform detox alone and in the comfort of their own homes. While this may seem like a self-sufficient, inexpensive solution to an addiction issue, it is highly unadvised and, in fact, a very dangerous approach that occasionally can even be fatal.

How do you tell your family you need rehab?

Perhaps you have hit bottom with your addiction. You cannot handle the addiction anymore by yourself. You gaze into the mirror, and you cannot recognize your own reflection. You’ve decided that it’s finally time to tell someone about it, to look for help.

The very first people you should have in mind to tell about your addiction is your family.

What should your bring — and what you shouldn’t bring — to rehab?

Many patients have questions regarding what they should and should not bring with them from home to an addiction treatment center. Fortunately for those wondering, most addiction treatment centers have a strict policy of things that can and cannot be brought. They should provide you with a list of suggested items to be brought, as well as a strict code of items that are restricted.